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Image by Liz West


The Orchard Marketplace is an online marketplace, set up to facilitate the exchange of fruit and other orchard related produce nationwide.

Each year, a vast amount of fruit is left to rot on the ground in traditional orchards, gardens and other land. While it is an important food source for wildlife, much goes to waste. This surplus fruit could be utilized by both amateur and professional juice, cider and perry makers, in kitchens, restaurants and schools.

The Orchard Marketplace, will help unite those with orchard produce offered and wanted, reducing food miles and increasing the value of orchards. This conforms with Triple Bottom Line accounting of orchards[1]; which includes not just their habitat and cultural value, but also their marketing potential. The more orchards are valued economically, the less likely they are to be grubbed up.

Items do not necessarily have to be purchased; some may be given for free. Besides fruit, services may also be offered, such as trees for sale, skills, equipment.

Any user wishing to offer or request an item must first register to use the site but anyone can just view items available.

The Marketplace is run by the Gloucestershire Orchard Group, with funding from the National Trust/Natural England Conserving & Restoring Traditional Orchards, England Project and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

[1] Triple Bottom Line accounting of orchards - The Bulmer Foundation, Plough Lane, Hereford HR4 0LE