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Fruit Apples and pears wanted
Hi all, Any one out there with apple or pear trees that would like me to collect all of your crop for a budding cider maker. Bristol and surrounding area. Many thanks.
Request Unknown
Equipment Hydropress
Hello. We are looking for a second hand hydropress to purchase. Must be in good working order. Please contact us if you have one for sale.
Request Unknown
Equipment 750ml glass bottles & lids
Hundreds of new unused clear glass 750ml bottles with gold tamper evident screw top lids. Had a delivery from the Bristol Bottle Co and have not ended up having time to use them. 50p each (for 50 or more) 90p each (for individual bottles)
Offer Unknown
Apples Apples and Pears Wanted
We are a small cider maker based just outside of Cambridge and make traditional cider and perries. We source all of our fruit from traditional orchards. We believe strongly in ensuring these orchards remain and maintain a commercial purpose. If you are...
Request Unknown
Equipment High capacity professional apple mill
Don't struggle with your old hand mill again this year! A professional mill will not only save a considerable amount of effort but will give a much better yield than most amateur or home made mills. Used for only two seasons and in "as new" cond...
Offer Unknown
Pears Dessert / Perry pears wanted
Looking for any spare pears in the somerset area. Looking for perry pears primarily but will consider dessert/cooking. Will collect from trees and pay reasonable rates. Will consider varying quality fruit. Thanks, Paul
Request Unknown
Apples Looking for cider apples
Hello, Me and my friend have been making cider for a few years now and we are looking to expand the amount of cider we make. We currently have two verities of cider a scrumpy tart and a sun rising cider matured in oak which has made a massive differenc...
Request Unknown
Apples Apple Pressing Equipment
Colemans Cider Company has two sets of apple pressing equipment available for local hire at reasonable prices. The smaller set has a electric mill and a basket press capable of pressing up to 40 gallons a weekend and the second set has a larger electri...
Offer Unknown
Apples Surplus Apples Wanted
Colemans Cider Company is a small newly established craft cider maker located in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Although we are currently planting a wide range of heritage cider apple varieties, we still need additional apples to help us meet the demand...
Request Unknown
Apples Apples
Hello, If you have surplus apples we would love to take them off your hands! We buy all apples, cooking, eating, Cider, Crab, Wildings we love them all. You can also swap your apples for cider too Get in contact for rates of pay and further details Spe...
Request Unknown